So you’re interested in the Paleo Diet huh? You’re ready to eat like a caveman but have no idea which paleo snacks for weight loss to eat or even what the paleo diet is in general?

So what exactly IS the Paleo Diet? Maybe you landed on this website looking for some tasty paleo snacks for weight loss? You’re ready to start you’re paleo diet journey but don’t know where to start? Well, firsts things first, you can go ahead and drop the word “diet” right now if you want to succeed.

Why? Very simply. Diets…don’t…work. You can’t just do something for 3 days, 5 days, 10 days and expect life changing results. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

If you want drastic change, if you’ve landed on this website in search of paleo diet weight loss magic or instant paleo snacks for weight loss then just stop it. You need a LIFESTYLE change when it comes to what you eat. And paleo makes that lifestyle change easy because the foods you need to eat while eating paleo are simply this…REAL..FOOD!

Paleo is basically this…well wait, maybe I should define the term “real food’ real quick. Real food is NOT just anything you can consume to fill your stomach. Frosted fruity coco nuggets cereal..not real food. Sour creme & onion crinkled potato chips, not real food. Diet Co…I mean soda’s…..just stop. (This is a wholllle different post) I could go on and on here, basically if it comes in a box or a bag, its not REAL FOOD. Paleo is also known as the caveman diet because well, if you were a caveman in the Paleolithic era think about the foods they ate to survive. They ate fish, meat, nuts & seeds, whatever they could find in the wild, which in my book are also known as REAL…FOOD!

If the food has more than 1 ingredient then its not real food!

Just go to your kitchen right now and grab a box or bag of whatever. Flip that box or bag over and read the ingredients list. How many of those words can you not even pronounce or have even heard of in your entire life?? THEN WHY ARE YOU EATING THAT!? The old saying goes, “you are what you eat” but it even goes a little different than that and I like to say “you eat what you are.”

paleo snacks for weight loss